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Phil’s Bespoke Blood Panels

Phil has designed a number of bespoke panels that cover an extensive range of markers and contain the information that you need to make strong progress with your health. Take the first step by exploring Phil’s panels today.

*Panels are available to clients in the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands

Ultimate Maile Health Panel Box


£1132 Lab Fee PLUS
£300 Consultation Fee

Ultimate Female Panel Box


£1112 Lab Fee PLUS
£300 Consultation Fee

The Ultimate Performance and Body Fat Composition Panel


£999 Lab Fee PLUS
£300 Consultation Fee

Male Health Check Blood Panel


£583 Lab Fee PLUS
£300 Consultation Fee

Female Health Check Blood Panel


£573 Lab Fee PLUS
£300 Consultation Fee

Fundamental Health Panel Box


£299 Lab Fee PLUS
£300 Consultation Fee

The bespoke blood panels designed personally by Phil, which cover an extensive range of markers, plus a very advanced stool panel below. If you really are serious about your health ACT NOW and pick the appropriate panel for you. INVEST in your HEALTH and work with a genuine expert in lab testing, health, hormones, digestion, nutrition, supplementation, fat loss & performance.

*Panels available for clients in UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Extra shipping charges may apply outside of the UK.


£322.15 Lab Fee ** PLUS
£150 Consultation Fee

*Panels available for clients in UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Extra shipping charges may apply outside of the UK.

** This Lab Test is usually £379, but if you use my practitioner code RV8BXN_5628 you can buy it for ONLY £322.15.


In addition to the Blood Panels above, Phil also offer a comprehensive Stool Panel, which can be used in conjunction with a Blood Panel to provide a fuller picture of your health. Many diseases can easily originate from having poor digestive health.

The GI EcologiX™ test will help give you a very comprehensive and accurate assessment of your current state of digestive health. You will never achieve optimum health with a dysfunctional digestive system this is why Phil Richards is a huge advocate of looking at both blood and stool tests to assess health & well being.


Ultimate Stool Analysis Panel


£322.15 Lab Fee ** PLUS
£150 Consultation Fee

**This Lab Test is usually £379, but if you use my practitioner code RV8BXN_5628 you can buy it for ONLY £322.15.


Fat Loss Lab Markers

One of the most important considerations when deciding whether to get your bloods tested is firstly choosing the right panel dependant on your current state of health and goals, and secondly choosing the right person to interpret the test results.

Blood chemistry analysis needs a very high level of expertise and Phil has spent years educating himself on the subject of blood chemistry analysis and interpretation of gut microbiome and stool tests. His expertise is second to none.

Having my bloods done with Phil Richards contributed significantly towards me becoming the World’s Strongest Man, from the very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis that Phil carries out he was able to advise me on exactly what supplements I needed and also the best nutritional strategies for maximising my performance.

~ EDDIE ‘THE BEAST’ HALL (World’s Strongest Man 2017)

Working with Phil has honestly been one of the best things I have done in my life! For 6 months I was feeling out-of-sorts – intense fatigue, brain fog, stomach issues, terrible PMT and an irregular cycle, anxiety and a past of depression, amongst other things! I did all the things I thought were right but without success. That’s when I decided to visit Phil. Phil analysed my test results, then gave me a meal, supplement and exercise plan and within a matter of weeks I felt like a brand new person! It makes sense to me now; analyse what’s going on in my body and make the necessary adjustments to suit me! Phil offers a life changing service. The day I visited him was a pivotal moment and one that will improve my life forever.
“After more than 18 months of feeling shattered and a number of medical appointments which had shown at various times I was anaemic, inspections for internal bleeding/possible cancer, higher than usual blood pressure but still feeling lethargic and with no real solution to my problems I decided to go for a full blood test with Phil Richards and his team. I’m so glad I did. From measuring over 100 blood markers he was able to identify the numerous deficiencies I had and has come up with a targeted and bespoke treatment to get my health back on track.
Within 2 weeks I was already feeling the benefits of the mineral and vitamin supplements I was taking each day plus the high protein diet. A weights programme will follow.  I’ve lost 3kg in weight too. Most importantly I’ve finally got answers and a solution that rebuilds my own immunity and health in a natural way, without having to resort to artificial medicines.”

Client Results With Lab Testing

Best self-Investment You Will Ever Make!

“I cannot thank Phil enough, fitter healthy and happier….. But how you may ask. My wife had struggled with tiredness, work related injuries and found super success with Phil, where medicine failed. We are a normal couple, not super fit or elite athletes we were just finding life tiring and thankfully Phil was recommended to us. My journey after 22 years in the Military was eye-opening, I thought I knew about fitness and nutrition…. I was very wrong. First step was a blood test, to find out the start point, the educational journey that followed was amazing, finding what my body needed and fuelling it correctly.

Had I continued life my way it would have been a disaster! The cost may look steep, but I took one look on the drive and wondered why the service of my car was costing more than a service of me!!! If you are thinking of blood test I can hand on heart say it’s the best self-investment you will ever make! Today is the very best version of you unless you change, take the first step and live longer!”

Andy McDonald – RAF Pilot

I am so glad I had my bloods analysed by Phil Richards when I did!

I didn’t feel unwell and thought I was in ok shape, but I was wanting a health MOT. I got the biggest wake-up call ever when Phil told me what was happening inside my body. From that consultation forward I have made the changes he prescribed to me and I’m feeling better than I have in ages. I couldn’t say the last time I had a headache, my joints don’t ache anymore, my mental clarity is better as is my sleep. I have so much more energy and I feel happier. My shape has changed adding muscle and losing fat. Without Phil’s timely intervention I would still be a ticking time bomb. If you’re thinking of using Phil’s services then don’t hesitate as he’s the difference that makes the difference. His knowledge is second to none.

John Allan

I now feel brighter, more relaxed and optimistic about the future

“My weight would yo yo despite eating a reduced carb and low-calorie diet and training excessively I was fighting a losing battle. When I started working with Phil and got my bloods done with him, I learned several valuable lessons. Firstly, our hormone systems are all interlinked so treating thyroid alone was not the answer. Secondly overtraining and under eating was making my problems worse. Thirdly stress and poor lifestyle choices were most likely underlying all my hormonal problems. I now feel brighter, more relaxed and optimistic about the future. I have seen my body become tighter and stronger. As someone who has suffered from body image and atypical eating disorders for most of my life feeling more content with myself is a big achievement. I know with Phil I can now achieve my goals.”

Dr Marie Cawley

The blood work and Phil’s knowledge of supplementation has been transformative

“Phil’s complete blood panel analysis has been a life saver for me… I’ve been challenged with migraines on and off for a long time, and couldn’t get to the bottom of what was causing them. I hate taking medication so would just take myself to bed for up to 12 hours until the migraine passed. I knew it was no way to live.. When I got my results Phil delivered them in his usual direct way “your hormones are on the floor”. No wonder I was getting migraines! A lack of oestrogen can often be the cause! I started straight away on a list of supplements recommended by Phil and body identical hormones. I’m diligent about taking them daily and grateful to finally be assessing what’s going on rather than just guessing.

I’ve spent years throwing money at the supplements I ‘thought’ I should be taking , and actually they were making no difference. Phil offers very clear, accurate and precise information – it’s like a clear window into the body: total clarity! I’m blown away with all the information, and I’ve not had one migraine since. That in itself is worth its weight in gold. I’ll be going back to re-test in six months, and know it’s going to be a very different picture. Health is our wealth, I’m moving into the second part of my life excited to gain muscle in the gym and go for the high energy life I’m here to live!”

Ruth Goodwin

I can’t recommend Phil highly enough

“I had followed Phil‘s work for quite a few years and I had reached a point in my life where I didn’t want my health to go the same way as my parents and be on medication for the rest of my days. I had my bloods done and what Phil told me really made me sit up and take notice. My health really wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for. Amongst other things I had the lowest vitamin D levels he had ever seen! Bit of a shock to the system being honest.

The scariest thing was I had no indication of anything underlying and I felt ok, but my bloods said otherwise. Thanks to Phil’s guidance and knowledge I’ve started to turn my health around. I realise it will take time to turn things around but that is exactly what I’m in the process of doing. I’m just glad that I contacted Phil when I did as I’d still be totally oblivious about what was happening to me. I have made a commitment to myself to get my bloods analysed every year or so. If you really want to know where your health is heading and how you can change it for the better then I can’t recommend Phil highly enough.”

Palmela Kalkett

A Year On And In a Totally Different Place

I had issues with chronic fatigue going back to 2004, after I had Mycoplasma Pneumonia whilst in Australia. I’d tried all kinds of treatments to get myself better, and had some periods where I thought I’d cracked it. But I slipped back into ill health in 2018. It got progressively worse in the years following until at Christmas 2020, I decided enough was enough. I’d been following Phil for years and bought a number of his books.

I’ve also been using the PRP supplements for years, on and off. I finally decided to take the plunge and get my Comprehensive Blood Chemistry and Stool Analysis done. I had 4 consultations with Phil to go through my results and figure out a tailored plan for lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and hydration. It took a while for the results to come. It wasn’t an overnight thing. But gradually, I started to see a significant shift. My energy came back and I was finally able to train. Having played Football and other sports at a reasonable level in my younger days, I had so missed being fit! Not just that, the illness had cost me relationships, and all kinds of things that most take for granted in life. I wasn’t able to push myself in the gym without burning out. Phil was able to give me clear guidance and I learned that not training was costing me more than training. It was about the way I train, eat and live my life.

Having the bloods done, meant there was no guesswork. I felt confident in the plan, although I did have some doubts in the first couple of months because I didn’t see the results I wanted. But here I am…a year on in a totally different place. I’m training 3-4 times a week, without burning out. I am able to work full time and have energy for a full family/social life (which I couldn’t do before). I’m very grateful to Phil for amassing such a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been so valuable to me. On top of that, and despite his no-nonsense approach, he really showed care and passion for my recovery. If you’re on the fence about doing the work with Phil, jump!

Frankie Burrows – Ex-Swansea City Coach

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