Everything You Need To Know About FAT LOSS

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Undoubtedly the most comprehensive course ever written on the subject of Fat Loss covering nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, lifestyle, strength & conditioning methods and interpretation of lab tests. Invest in Phil’s ground-breaking course, Everything You Need to Know About FAT LOSS, for a single payment of £497.



Are you sick and tired of being overweight and trying the latest fad diet just for the weight to return and usually with a little bit extra?

Have you slogged your guts out in the gym week after week trying to lose that spare tyre but it never goes away no matter how hard or how often you train?

Have you been tempted by the plethora of magic slimming pills promising you that the fat will simply melt away but nothing changes on the weighing scales even after weeks of taking them?

If you have answered YES to any of the above and want to know how to lose excess body fat safely, effectively and long term then Everything You Need To Know About FAT LOSS is the course you MUST do.

Become your very own fat loss expert

Everything You Need To Know About FAT LOSS is undoubtedly the most comprehensive course ever written on the subject of fat loss and has been written in a way which is engaging and easy to understand and apply.

The course will teach you how to become your very own fat loss expert ensuring you get lean and healthy by using optimum nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, lifestyle changes, effective strength & conditioning methods, interpretation of lab tests and stress management. These key areas, together with enhancing your emotional well-being will literally turn on your FAT LOSS switch.

Robin Snowden Taylor Testimonial

Taking the opportunity to learn from Phil whilst taking the Everything You Need To Know About FAT LOSS Online Certification Course has been hugely beneficial to me both personally and professionally.
With Phil’s extensive experience and background in elite sport I knew this course would provide me with real, practical knowledge that I am able to implement with my athletes and clients to help optimise their health and performance. A course that delivers exceptional content that I highly recommend to others whether working within elite sport or with the general public.

Robin Sowden Taylor – Ex International Rugby Player, Gym Owner & Head Of Performance Cardiff Blues (Rugby)

Paul Hatton ex Hull KR Hull FC Ulster Rugby Strength Conditioning Coach

During my 30 years as a professional Health and Fitness Coach for both teams and individuals I have studied for two degrees and taken part in hundreds of courses to support my professional development. Of all of the courses I have undertaken this one ‘Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss’ stands head and shoulders above the rest. The detail and depth of knowledge of the subject (fat loss) is unlike anything I have experienced before. This course is a must for anyone who works within the Health and Fitness sector, but it is also very accessible for anyone with an interest in their own health and wellbeing. The course is exceptionally well written and, although very detailed, is very accessible and engaging. I personally became deeply absorbed in it and found it difficult to put down. This course has helped me to not only change my own health regimes but those of my clients. Highly recommended.

Paul Hatton – Ex Hull KR, Hull FC & Ulster Rugby Strength & Conditioning Coach

Stop Guessing & Start Losing Fat Today!


Buy Phil’s course today for a single payment of £497 OR 3 monthly payments of just £166.


Building MUSCLE & Optimising Your Physical & Emotional HEALTH Really Is The Key To Safe, Effective & Long Term FAT LOSS


Fat Loss Lab Markers

During my research over the several years I also discovered that there are a number of lab markers relating to hormones and our nutrient status.

If they are not in the optimum ranges then losing fat and building muscle is almost impossible.

You will learn all about these lab markers in this ground breaking course – Everything You Need To Know About FAT LOSS.

How This Course Is Changing People’s Lives


This course is a game changer for anyone wanting to improve their health, lose weight, especially reduce body fat.

I have a level 5 nutrition qualification and always found my knowledge was lacking, that is until now.

Thank you very much Phil Richards P this is such an amazing course for any fit pro.

Diane Singleton – Fitness Instructor

“I have done a number of different courses in the health and fitness field over the last 20 years or so, but none like this. The course is incredibly comprehensive and detailed and provides references to a plethora of excellent studies. It’s not for the faint hearted as it is very in depth, but if you are in this field and really want to get to the nitty gritty then you will not be disappointed! Having started as gym owner and instructor a number of years ago, I now practice as a Holistic Therapist and the information within this course has been incredibly useful when dealing with my clients. Phil’s candid approach to delivering this course also makes it quite entertaining at times! Highly recommended for anyone who is in any way involved in health, wellbeing, and fitness.”

Carol Wildgoose – Holistic Therapist, Lincoln

“Phil’s fat loss course is without a doubt the most in depth course I’ve seen. If you take the time to really study the information he teaches you, you’ll have the ability to change your life or your clients lives.

It’s not only everything you need to know about fat loss, but also everything you need to know about optimising health and being able to thrive!”


Course Details

Below are the 10 lessons on the course each lesson is between 2 ½ – 4 ½ hours. Everything You Need To Know About FAT LOSS is delivered in bite size segments of around 30 – 40 minutes each and is presented in webinar format using Power Point slides. You will also be able to download the PDF document of all the slides presented.

I go into each subject in great depth and have literally left no stone unturned in giving you the most relevant up to date scientific research on how to lose fat, gain muscle and achieve optimum health.

Lesson 1

What’s Driving The Obesity Epidemic

In this lesson you will learn the role that our genes and environment play in determining our body fat levels. Why counting and cutting calories is very ineffective for safe effective and long-term fat loss. And the very surprising role that toxins are having on our health & waistlines.

Lesson 2

Your Brain Determines Your Fat Levels

In this lesson you will learn the incredible role our brains have in controlling our weight. The brain has been identified as the only organ in the body that controls how much fat we carry.

Lesson 3

How Insulin Can Make You Fat or Lean

In this lesson we will zone in on insulin which effectively is a storage hormone and cortisol which is classed as a stress hormone and when these 2 hormones are in the optimum ranges you will build muscle and lose fat very efficiently.

Lesson 4

How Steroid Hormones Turn on Or Off the Fat Switch

In this lesson I will cover steroid hormones and their effects on our ability to build muscle and lose fat. I will also explain in great detail why the menopause is usually a time of significant weight gain for women ad how you can prevent and reverse this phenomenon. PCOS, Endometriosis & Fibroids are also covered in depth in this lesson too.

Lesson 5

Thyroid Is The Driver of Our Metabolism

In this lesson I will cover why the thyroid is so connected to our weight and when it’s functioning correctly your metabolism will be functioning optimally too. Unfortunately, today many things interfere with thyroid function which will be covered in great depth in this lesson along with all the necessary thyroid blood tests that must be carried out to fully assess thyroid function.

Lesson 6

Why Poor Sleeping Habits Make Us Fat

In this lesson we will look at the importance of sleep, melatonin and growth hormone in ensuring we optimise fat burning and building muscle whilst we sleep. Again, many factors can inhibit our quality of sleep which then crushes melatonin and growth hormone which will then significantly contribute to obesity.

Lesson 7

Poor Digestive Health Leads to Obesity

In this lesson we will look at the incredible role that our digestive health has on our ability to build muscle and lose fat. For example, having low stomach acid and poor pancreatic function which is very common today can be massively detrimental on our ability to build muscle and lose fat. And you will learn the incredible role that your gut microbiome has on your body fat levels.

BONUS Lesson 7A

Why Healthy Blood Is Needed To Build Muscle

In this lesson you will learn how to make healthy blood, healthy blood vessels and ensure optimum heart health too. I’ll also explain some very important blood markers that will determine your current cardiovascular health. You’ll also have some potentially life saving information on ensuring your immune system is functioning optimally and what blood and stool markers can also tell you about your current immune status.

Lesson 8

Why Protein is King for Fat Loss and Building Muscle

In this lesson we will look at what is the optimum diet for fat loss, building muscle and how nutrient timing before, during and after training helps us to optimise fat loss, build muscle and improve performance.

Lesson 9

Why You Must Build Muscle to Lose Fat

In this lesson we will look at the most effective ways on building muscle. Why gaining muscle is one of the most effective things we can do to lose fat for so many reasons.

Lesson 10

How Our Thoughts Can Make Us Fat or Lean

In this lesson you will learn how our thoughts and emotions can massively affect our health and our waistlines. Every single cell in your body is listening to your thoughts and acting accordingly and most people become a prisoner of their own thoughts which then creates a hormonal environment which encourages disease including obesity.

Course Completion

Once you have successfully completed this course, you will receive a Completion Certificate.

This certificate will allow you to demonstrate your cutting edge, expert knowledge in the field of Fat Loss science & will provide evidence of your continued commitment to personal development.


Phil Richards Course Completion Certificate

Stop Guessing & Start Losing Fat Today!


Buy Phil’s course today for a single payment of £497 OR 3 monthly payments of just £166.


Ashley Downing Testimonial

Phil’s Everything You Need To Know About FAT LOSS online course is exceptional! I work in elite sport and have completed a masters degree in sport & exercise science. The detail in this course is easily postgraduate level but very easy to understand, your mind will be blown by the information in it. You have to understand the majority of what you are taught about health, fitness and fat loss is either wrong or unbelievably basic.  This course will literally take your knowledge to another level and you will blow the minds of anyone you speak to regarding health and fat loss when you fully understand the content of the course. All of which is backed up by thousands of references to scientific journals, books, and experts. 

Ashley Downing – BSc MSc ASCC – Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach at Great Britain Archery

Phil’s story on the subject of fat loss

My experience (Phil) on the subject of fat loss began in 1989 when, after being a competitive cyclist and runner for several years I decided to start doing some serious weight training. In 2 years, I went from 60 kgs to 110 kgs almost doubling my weight and unfortunately not all this was muscle. I have had to battle with my weight ever since.

In 1989 I then started studying nutrition and completed many courses on the subject but in those days, there was very little information on obesity. It wasn’t until 1997 when I became head of strength and conditioning with a professional rugby team that I really started zoning in on fat loss. Why? I noticed there were a few players that were obese and I needed to get them leaner to ensure they could perform at the highest level that professional rugby demanded so the team I worked with could win league titles.

This was when I realised that exercise is really not that effective for fat loss for a lot of people. These players were training hard; undertaking strenuous gym sessions, running extensively during their on-field skills sessions and playing one of the most brutal physical games in the world every week. And yet quite a few of them were still obese and actually got fatter as the season went on even after following a strict nutrition and supplement plan.

Winding the clock forward to 2006 – 2007, after 10 years in professional rugby and being very successful with the teams I worked with winning multiple league titles and cup finals I then spent a whole year working as a body fat composition expert (meaning my role was to get players as lean as I possibly could) with 3 professional teams one in premiership football, one in premiership rugby union and one in rugby league, again all elite athletes.

My role was to take body fat readings every week from each player, go through their food and training diaries, run hydration testing on them and then advise accordingly to get them to a desired body fat %. This is when I really started to understand that genes play a massive role in obesity, also that there isn’t a one diet that fits all for fat loss; for example, some get super lean on high carbohydrates and some get super fat on high carbohydrates, then you have high responders to exercise who can put muscle on very easy and zero responders to exercise where no matter how hard they train they put zero muscle on and lose zero fat.

It was also during this period I started to suspect that other factors such as heavy metals, toxins, dental ingredients and wash care product ingredients were also contributing significantly towards many of the players high levels of body fat. My research today supports my suspicions and these factors have now even been given their own name of obesogens.

I then went on to work with professional boxers and Olympic athletes who also had to be super lean for their respective sports. I had to ensure that my training, nutrition and supplement protocols were absolutely spot on with this group as their career was dependant on my ability in these areas.

Phil Richards Science Of Fat Loss Book

“Phil Richards Science Of Fat Loss Book is one of the best books I’ve read on the subject and every trainer should read this book”


It was at this stage in my career I started writing a book titled the Science Of Fat Loss. It took me 10 years to gather the information for the 730 paged book and to write it. It was published in 2013 and on completion I thought I had nailed the subject of fat loss!

Unfortunately, I could not have been more wrong! I wrote a few more books on the subject, took a plethora of more courses on multiple subjects all relating to building muscle and losing fat trying to unravel the holy grail for fat loss. I used my own body as the guinea pig over the years to see what worked what didn’t. It was only when I started studying blood chemistry analysis and the gut microbiome and began looking at peoples blood and stool reports that I could see what may be causing one person’s obesity issues could be completely different to why another person is obese.

Abi Adams Testimonial

What I love about Phil is his passion about people getting the right information and he has been incredibly supportive throughout the process; answering any questions, nudging me when I need it and most importantly being a nice person (which goes a long way in learning such incredible information). I believe Phil has underestimated himself as this is more like a Masters degree on Health & Fat Loss ! Thanks Phil for putting your heart and soul out there. The world needs it.

Abi Adams – Prøject Wøman

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any assessments or exams associated with your course?

Each lesson will have a multiple-choice Q & A after it along with you writing down 5 things you learnt from that lesson. However, if you don’t want to do the Q & A and write down 5 things you learnt from that lesson then you can go straight to the next lesson.

Is this course suitable for me as I am not qualified in nutrition or personal training?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight or works with clients that need to lose weight no matter what your educational background is.

Is it only fat loss that I will learn on this course?

Fat loss is obviously the primary focus of the course but there is also an incredible amount of information on health, lab testing and emotional well-being.

How long do I have access to this course?

You will have access for one year from purchase or the ‘Go Live’ date.

Do I have to do the courses in order?

The course is written in an order that flows from each previous lesson but if you want to jump to another lesson, you can.

If I complete the course and pass the Q & A for each lesson, will I get a certificate?

Yes, on completion of this ground breaking course you will automatically be sent a certificate of completion.

Will I have access to Phil throughout the course if I need to ask a question?

Yes and there will also be a private Facebook group for all course attendee’s to ask questions too.


Ruth Goodwin Testimonial

After following Phil for many years, and attending several of his training and gut courses, I decided to take on his course on Everything You Need To Know To Lose FAT I say take on because I knew it would be no mean feat! Phil doesn’t miss out on detail the research is incredible the amount of work he has put into the course content is just unbelievable. The best part is that there is so much advice on how to apply the information on a daily basis that I will be able to use it to help coach myself and my clients to way better levels of health, fat loss and well-being. Thanks, Phil for being you, taking the time to go behind the scenes to find out the latest research and putting it into an understandable format that can be applied immediately. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Ruth Goodwin – Womens Health Coach

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