Building MUSCLE Is The Key To FAT LOSS Webinar


28th January 2024 between 4 – 6 PM on ZOOM  FINISHED

I wrote one of the most comprehensive books ever written on fat loss titled The Science Of Fat Loss which was 730 pages and took over 10 years to write and the BIGGEST mistake I made writing that book which was published in 2013 was focusing on fat loss instead of BUILDING MUSCLE.

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Phil Richards - Building Muscle is the KEY to Fat Loss

A calorie from carbohydrates, fats & protein all have a different effect on our hormones that can either make us lean or fat.




Most people today are making the same mistake as I did 10 years ago and that is when trying to lose excess body fat, they FOCUS on WEIGHT LOSS instead of BUILDING MUSCLE usually by cutting calories and increasing their cardio this may achieve short term results but long term it will FAIL for most people. Why? There are multiple reasons for this from a drop in metabolism, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, loss of muscle, becoming more efficient at storing fat and eventually losing motivation to continue due to little if any results and constantly being hungry.

The most IMPORTANT thing you MUST DO if you want safe, effective & long-term fat loss is to FOCUS on BUILDING MUSCLE. Why? There are multiple reasons from increasing insulin sensitivity, increasing testosterone and growth hormone levels along with enhancing your metabolic rate all this will contribute significantly on your ability to get leaner & healthier.

Building Muscle & Getting Stronger also requires a very different approach to fat loss nutritionally, psychologically and from a training perspective too.  There is ZERO need to COUNT CALORIES instead you will require a nutrient dense high protein low carb nutrition plan, a well-structured supplement plan that will enhance your metabolism, health, and performance, along with a well-designed strength training plan that focuses on building STRENGTH & MUSCLE.  

You must also ensure you have a healthy digestive system, low toxic load, no nutrient deficiencies, no hormonal imbalances, good sleep, and emotional well-being.  When all these are in place then you are now creating the right environment to BUILD MUSCLE & lose EXCESS FAT safely, effectively, and long term.


Phil Richards - Building Muscle is the KEY to Fat Loss

Building MUSCLE is the key to FAT LOSS

During my research over the several years I also discovered that there are several lab markers relating to hormones and our nutrient status. If they are not in the optimum ranges, then losing fat and building muscle is almost impossible. You will learn all about these lab markers in this ground-breaking webinar Building MUSCLE Is The Key To FAT LOSS.

Blood Testing - Phil Richards Nutrition Lab

Blood testing takes away the guessing game for what you need to get leaner, stronger & healthier.

This webinar will give you all the information you need to get leaner, stronger & healthier for 2024 along with a downloadable nutrition & supplement plan and a 12-week strength training plan to help you build muscle & lose fat.

What You Will Learn

4 things that you will you learn in this Webinar.

  1. Why building muscle is essential for safe, effective & long term fat loss.
  2. How hormones are the key to building muscle & losing excess body fat.
  3. What is the best diet for building muscle and losing fat.
  4. What is the most effective training program to build muscle & lose fat.
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