7 Habits For Surviving & Thriving The Menopause – Workshop

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The ‘7 Habits For Surviving & Thriving The Menopause’ Workshop is not just on the menopause but on women’s health and this incredible workshop will teach you how to nourish yourself optimally, balance all your hormones, detoxify your body & mind and de-load your current state of stress so you truly can survive & thrive the menopause along with womanhood. This Workshop has over 18 hours of life-changing content. Phil’s research has clearly shown that nutrient deficiencies, toxic overload, and chronic long-term stress will drive cancer, heart disease, dementia, depression, diabetes, obesity and magnify all the menopausal symptoms.


Symptoms of Menopause Diagram

Sleepless Nights

Hot Flushes

Excessive Weight Gain

Anxiety Dumps

Hair Loss

Joint Pain

Loss of libido

Loss of muscle definition

Or any combination and more…

If you have answered YES to any of the above you now have the opportunity to learn how to eradicate your menopausal symptoms utilising 7 simple and effective habits. 


Get Rid Of The Menopause Belly

Learn how to get rid of the menopause belly

Phil has learned over several years from analysing blood and stool test on many Peri & Menopausal Women, that you do not just treat the Menopause – you must treat the whole person as well.

Start learning today – purchase this Workshop for just £197 and get immediate access to over 18 hours of expert and life-changing content!

What Existing Customers Are Saying

Ruth Goodwin Testimonial for the Ultimate Female Health Blood Panel

There’s been no stone unturned for this menopause course

I’ve just finished the 7 Habits Course that Phil put together… First of all the information was mind blowing! I’ve been doing Phil’s courses for years, also had my blood and stool work done with him, so I know how thorough he is. There’s been no stone unturned for this menopause course… I’ve been working with menopausal ladies for months now, and this information will be invaluable moving forwards. There is so much misinformation out there.

I’ve listened to virtually every podcast, got some books, I’m in the forum groups, follow all the so called ‘menopause doctors’ and I’ve never heard half of the info that Phil has uncovered!. It’s actually quite scary that so many women are not just not getting the help they need, they’re actually being given the wrong information and the wrong hormone configurations, or not being allowed them in some cases.

Thank you so much Phil… (I love your humour too, always a bonus 🤗🙏). Can’t recommend this course highly enough!!! Thank you.

RUTH GOODWIN – Women’s Health Coach

Andrew Gaynor Health and Fitness Instructor

I’d go as far as to say its changed my life and I’m not even finished yet

I have almost completed the 7 habits workshop – which has completely changed my own outlook, thoughts and habits. I’d go as far as to say its changed my life and I’m not even finished yet!!!
I’ve gradually been implementing the habits and have noticed changes in my energy and appetite.
Energy has increased and appetite has decreased…this has honestly been the best workshop I’ve ever invested in.
I’m glad we’ve got access for a year as there is so much detail…I know I will need to go back over it again and again! It’s incredible.

ANDREA GAYNOR – Health and Fitness Instructor

Cathyann Phillips Womens Health Coach Yoga Instructor

If anyone is sitting on the fence about this course, then I can honestly say sign up!

I’m loving this course on 7 habits to survive the menopause. The information your provide is unreal! I’m I can’t stop listening to all of this valuable information. After listening to Habit 1 I’ve already replaced all of my daughters & my sanitary products with organic ones, bought organic tea, actively looking now for organic fruit & veg. It’s really got me thinking about water filter options (the information you provided is quite harrowing).

The info you provided on self sabotage is so true – past traumas can affect our mental state. I’ve introduced a higher protein diet. I’ve bought Vit D with K2. and Vit C. I haven’t any mercury fillings and I’ll be making sure my daughters DON’T EITHER. I’ve ordered your magnesium sleep tablets too.

The info you provided about sugar being just addictive as crack cocaine is so TRUE! I’m suffering with palpitations and anxiety especially as night time (I put this down to the menopause), but I think what’s also contributing is my night time chocolate fix…and last night I didn’t reach for the chocolate.

Thank you again Phil Richards P… I’m LOVING this course… if anyone is sitting on the fence about this course (I did for 4 weeks) then I can honestly say sign up… I’m only a snippet into the course but I’ve already learnt so much. I’m cleaning my tank out!

Cathyann Phillips – Womens Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

Karen Davidson Health Coach

At last someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about!

At last someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about!

The information in the 7 habits is everything you need know, in one place, to not have to suffer through the plethora of symptoms that come along with menopause.

I think all women over the age of 40 should do Phil’s 7 Habit course and make sure they educate themselves with the actual facts, because there’s is so much mis-information and wrong advice being given to women about menopause and so women many women suffering unnecessarily!

I highly recommend the 7 habits. And it’s so inexpensive for the wealth of information that’s in it!

Karen Davidson – Health Coach

What Are The 7 Habits?

Phil’s research has clearly shown that nutrient deficiencies, toxic overload and chronic long-term stress will drive cancer, heart disease, dementia, depression, diabetes, obesity and magnify all of the menopausal symptoms. this workshop will teach you to nourish yourself optimally, detoxify your body & mind and de-load your current state of stress so you truly can survive & thrive the menopause.

Habit 1

Detoxify Your Body & Mind

You MUST detoxify your body & mind if you want to live a disease-free life, lose fat and build muscle. We are literally swimming in a sea of invisible toxins today found in our food, drinking water, dental materials & wash care products that are contributing significantly to all diseases. Also, you MUST detoxify your mind if you want optimum health and surprisingly to lose weight too.

Habit 2

Nourish Your Brain

You MUST nourish your brain which is the only organ in the body that determines your weight and also if you want to prevent depression, dementia and obesity. The biggest killer for women in the UK is now dementia which is a very preventable disease and you will learn how in this workshop.

Habit 3

Nourish Yourself Optimally

You MUST learn to nourish yourself optimally to build muscle, lose fat and prevent disease. The biggest mistake I see from my clinical observations of both looking at food diaries and blood tests of peri & menopausal women is that they don’t eat enough protein with each meal which leads to fat gain and muscle loss and they go on low calorie diets which eventually crushes metabolism and makes you more effective at storing fat long term.

Habit 4

Healthy Digestion

You MUST ensure you have a healthy digestive system to build muscle, lose fat and prevent disease. Most women by the time they reach the menopause will have digestive issues from low stomach acid, bloating, leaky gut, low pancreatic function and an imbalance of good to bad bacteria all this leads to weight gain, loss of muscle and poor health.

Habit 5

Achieve Hormonal Balance

You MUST have hormonal balance and not just progesterone & oestrogen which is what the medical system mainly focusses on which is a huge mistake as many hormones are in decline at this stage of life and will need addressing. It is also essential to be able to interpret your lab work to ensure you are on the right hormones and in the right dosages along with them being body identical and not synthetic.

Habit 6

Build Strength & Muscle

You MUST get stronger and build muscle to get leaner and to live longer and with a higher quality of life. In this workshop I will show you the most effective exercises to not only get stronger & leaner but also become more functional as you age.

Habit 7

Sleep, Sunshine & Grounding

You MUST get optimum sleep, sunshine & grounding to lose fat, build muscle and prevent disease. There are some essential things that I will teach you in this course to ensure you sleep better and realize how important the sun is for our health along with regular barefoot walking.

Course Completion

Once you have successfully completed this Workshop, you will receive a Completion Certificate. This certificate will allow you to demonstrate expert up-to-date knowledge in the field of managing the peri menopause and menopause. It will also provide evidence of your continued commitment to personal development.


7 Habits Workshop Completion Certificate

What’s Included In This Workshop?

Nutrition plans and supplement recommendations

The most effective exercise and training regimes, together with video demonstrations, to ensure you get leaner and stronger

Blood and stool testing recommendations to get to the core of your health problems.

Scientific evidence on the most effective ways to alleviate your menopausal symptoms, improve your health along with building muscle and losing fat

Here is an example of a typical training video included in the Workshop of Phil training his 55 year old wife.

This Workshop Is For You If…

You Are Suffering With Symptoms

You are transitioning through the menopause and have many of the menopausal symptoms mentioned above and want to have the knowledge to resolve your problems and get your life back to normal and stop or prevent the weight gain.

You Can't Lose Weight

You have gone through the menopause and gained a significant amount of weight and no matter how much exercise you do or cut your calories you still keep gaining weight.

You Are A Trainer

You are a trainer or practitioner working with peri and menopausal women and really want to help your clients get leaner & healthier.

Buy Today For Just £197

This workshop has over 18 hours of groundbreaking content that can change your life & help you finally get results.

Why is Phil Richards an expert in this field?

Phil training his wife Wenda who has been through the menopause

Phil has personal experience. Having met his wife at the age of 48 when she was peri menopause, super fit & very lean he literally witnessed her transition from aged 51 when she hit the menopause to aged 55 suffer with most (if not all) of the menopausal symptoms mentioned above without any change in diet, lifestyle or exercise habits.

Phil began to delve deeply into research around the issues effecting millions of women as they transition into and through the menopause.

After several years of research, taking multiple courses on women’s health, nutrition, endocrinology, gut health, blood chemistry analysis and immunology along with looking at literally hundreds of blood & stool reports, Phil came to the conclusion that if you implement these 7 habits you can genuinely SURVIVE & THRIVE the menopause along with getting your health & weight back to optimum.

Frequently Asked Questions


As soon as you enroll, you will get an email outlining how you can access the Workshop.


You will have access for one year from GO LIVE date of 30/09/22 OR from date of purchase after GO LIVE date.


No, this course is entirely to allow you to educate yourself in order to become leaner & healthier & to eradicate the symptoms linked with the menopause.


No, the purchase of the Workshop is for a single user only and they will need to purchase their own copy to access the information – please direct them to our website to do this.



You will be able to download the PDF document of the information provided for reference purposes.


Yes, if you complete 100% of the Course you will automatically receive a personalised Certificate confirming your completion of the Workshop and evidence of your continued commitment to personal development.

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